Sermons on Jeremiah

Easter Service @PCCC

Midweek Message 2-28-2018

Almost 600 years before Christ, God was using Ezekiel and Jeremiah to warn the Israelites that judgment was coming because of their disobedience.  In Jeremiah 6, Jeremiah tells them to return to walking in God’s way and in spite of this warning,  they said no, “we will not listen.”  At the same time Ezekiel gave…

Easter Service @PCCC

Midweek Message 2-14-2018

I got a text the other day from another Cowboy Church pastor.  He ask me, “Do we grow our faith or does our faith grow us?”  Good question.  You think and pray on that for awhile and tell me what you come up with.  This question started me thinking about our faith.  What is faith? …