Midweek Message 1-10-2018

I have four little black calves here at the house that act more like dogs than calves.  When I go into the pen with them,  they crowd around  me so much so that I can hardly move without them following me.  The reason they follow is they have figured out that I have something they need and want.    It’s called feed.  Those calves remind me  of how people crowded around Jesus and followed him.  Some were just curious, some had a need to be healed  but many wanted & needed what He offered them.  They were hungry,   not for food to eat,  but for spiritual food.  Jesus said , follow me and I’ll change your life,  follow me and I’ll teach you how to fish for men.  He said follow me and I’ll show you how to serve.  He told a rich young man  to let go of his wealth and come and follow.   In another place Jesus said if we want to be His disciple we will need to deny self and take up our cross and follow.  A teacher said to follow Jesus is to, ” Walk along the road with Him. ” To walk with Jesus is to live our lives like He lived His,  to think like He thought,  to Feel like He felt and Act like He acted. The question is “Are we hungry enough to follow?”  God bless you all,  see you Sunday and until then, “Keep Spurring.” Louis