Midweek Message 1-17-2018

I watched a movie last night called Cinderella Man.  It is the story of James J. Braddock who tries to make a living boxing.  It takes place in the depression years of the 1930’s.  Braddock’s manager tells him he is finished as a boxer.  He’s too old and too slow,  but Braddock won’t quit and  gets a second chance to box and ends up defeating the  heavy weight champion.  Braddock says, ” I’m grateful for the opportunity ,  Not everyone gets a second chance. ”    That statement reminded me of the story of the ” prodigal son” who lost his way in life.  He takes his inheritance early and goes off and squanders it on wild living.  He is broke, hungry and in great need.  He decides to go back home and ask his father to forgive him and take him back,  not as a son, but as a servant.  The father is waiting for his return and is filled with compassion. He  welcomes his son back home.  The son is given a second chance in life.  The father represents God and the son could be any of us.  We serve a God of compassion who is ready to forgive us  and welcome us back home.   You and I go through life and at some time or another we needed a second chance..  Like the son when we humble ourselves,  and ask for forgiveness ;  God is waiting and ready to forgive.  Be grateful for second chances.  What loving Father wouldn’t do the same for their child. You can find the story in Luke 15: 11-24.   Come Sunday and we’ll look at this parable.  Until then “Keep Spurring each other on.”  God bless you all and see you then.  Louis