Midweek Message 1-3-2018

Ezekiel was a prophet in the Old Testament time who spoke what God told him to say.  He lived and spoke during the same time as Jeremiah.  Their message was much the same.  God will bless us when we turn from our sins and are obedient to Him.  He says obedience  is possible only as we have a change in our heart. (He told the Jewish people  that God wants to remove your heart of stone (hard heart) and replace it with a new and soft heart, (a new spirit )   He wants the same for us.  We have to come to the place in our lives that we want to change and become the person God wants us to be.  We have to come to the end of ourselves and admit we need help.  Solomon told us in Proverbs 3, ” That if we will trust in the Lord with All of our Heart and stop depending on ourselves and if we will acknowledge God in All our ways, He will make our path straight.”  Jesus said in Matthew 10: 39 , ” If we want to find real life,  we will lose it and the one who gives up his life to follow Jesus will find it.”  My heart changes as I give up and say ,  God I want to live life your way,  my way hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would.  God bless you all and “Keep Spurring.”  Louis