Midweek Message 5-2-2018

I want to ask a question today.  You will be the only one who knows your answer,  so be honest.   How committed am I to God,  to His purpose for my life and to His Church?  You can answer on a scale of 1-10 or not very,  somewhat or very committed.  How did you do?  No one else knows your answer, it’s between you and God. There is a man in the Old Testament named Nehemiah who shows us what commitment looks like.  He found out that the City of Jerusalem  was still in ruin and the people had become so discouraged they quit trying to rebuild.  Nehemiah goes to the king and ask for permission to go back to his homeland so he could lead the people to restore the broken down walls and gates.  Before going to the king,  Nehemiah knows he will need God’s help  so he prays, fasts & pleads to God for success.  He was fully committed and even in the face of opposition the repairs were completed in 52 days.  You know how we can tell how committed Nehemiah was?  In the first chapter of the book named after him,  it said for days he wept and prayed and fasted.  He was serious about his relationship with God and the mission God had for him.   I want to encourage you as Nehemiah encouraged his people to pray and ask God to help you become completely committed to Him so that you use up your life serving God and others.
God bless you all,
See you Sunday and “Keep Spurring.”