Midweek Message 9-11-2019

Many of you remember John Chapman who passed away back in 2016.  If you didn’t know him personally, you would recognize him in his beat up Dodge flatbed with the cube feeder on the back.  He wore a big flat brimmed hat and always had his pants tucked in his boots with big spurs attached.  He was a regular at Aledo Diner for lunch and his picture hangs in their store.   All that said, I had the privilege of conducting his service.  On the pamphlet with his picture and obituary were two sentences that I will always remember.  “Heart is seeing the good in people and seeing beauty in life.  The other:  ” A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.”   I have written several sermons on the Heart.  It is that place in us where God speaks and we respond.  The heart I am talking about is not the muscle that pumps blood through our body.  It is our emotional and spiritual home placed there by God.  It is the place where we experience doubt or belief,  joy and sorrow.  It causes us to describe those who care and show concern for others as good hearted and those who don’t care about others as cold hearted.  My heart reveals who I am.  It tells the world how I think, speak and act.  My heart reveals the “Real Me.”   In Psalms 139: 23, David ask God to search him and know his heart.  He said try me and see if there is any hurtful way in me.  In Psalms 51: 10,  David ask God to Create in him a clean heart and renew in him a right spirit.  So as God speaks to us in our hearts,  He asks us the question,  ” How is your Heart?”  We can be honest,  God already knows the answer.   

God bless you all.  See you Sunday and “Keep Spurring.”  Louis