Playday events are typically held once a month beginning in March and run through the first weekend of November. 

Playdays are a series of timed speed events consisting of a horse, rider and a pattern. Participants in the play days are of all ages, sizes and abilities and promote a family atmosphere since everybody can compete. We also have a significant number of people who just come to watch and cheer on their family and friends. 

Barrel races are a common playday event, besides being a very competitive rodeo event. In barrel racing a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. A variation of this event is straight away barrels where is the pattern is “straight.”

Pole bending is another timed event. The object is to run the pattern of weaving between 6 poles in both directions correctly and as quickly as possible, without knocking down any of the poles.

There are many other events that can be included in a play day, such as Keyhole, Pylons, Ribbon Race, and 2 Jump Cowhorse. We generally hold Barrels, Poles and 2 mystery “Pastor Pick” events at each playday.

There’s an age group to fit everyone and an event to fit all who wish to compete. An all age “lead line” class is also offered for those who don’t have the ability to control the horse on their own. 

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