Many people have questions about requirements to ride their horses at PCCC and when they can use the arena. Below are answers to some of the general questions. If you still have questions, call Nelson King at 817-996-7428.

Who is on the Arena Team?

There are many people who support the arena activities and we appreciate each of them. If you want to get involved with the arena team, contact one of the core members and we will find a spot for you. The Core Arena Team consists of the following individuals:

Nelson King – Arena Team Leader

Jenifer Patridge – Playdays

Mike Blair – Roping

Nelson King – Roping & Youth Instructor

What are the BASIC REQUIREMENTS to bring my horse to PCCC and ride?

Three things need to happen to ride on the PCCC property:

  1. ALL RIDERS must have a signed WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY on file with the church (required each calendar year)
  2. ALL horse owners/riders must have Proof of NEGATIVE COGGINS within the last 12 months for each horse brought onto the property
  3. An ADULT church member must be present and the activity must be coordinated


The waiver is available on the PCCC website, via email from the Arena Team or at the church.

What is a Coggins test and why must I provide proof of a Negative Coggins?

The Coggins test is a screening for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) a viral disease that attacks horses and other equidae.  There is no cure or vaccine for EIA and the affected animal must be destroyed. For everyone’s protection, a Negative for EIA test result is required to bring an equine onto PCCC property. Texas requires negative Coggins (negative for EIA) for all equines which are transported on the roadways or come within 200 feet of another equine. Coggins testing must be conducted annually by a licensed veterinarian.

Who can be a horseback greeter on Sunday mornings?

Anyone can bring their horse to church and greet people as long as they have a signed WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY on file with the church and a current Proof of NEGATIVE COGGINS.

Can anyone come and ride in the arena?

The arena belongs to the church and everybody is welcome to use the facilities as long as the BASIC REQUIREMENTS listed above are met. The arena is normally available after church on Sundays and before Bible study on Wednesday nights. For arena events, see Arena Events.

Can I bring my horse to church and ride after services on Sundays?

Normally the answer is yes assuming the BASIC REQUIREMENTS listed above are met.  Arena conditions and activities may dictate a negative response.

 Can we come out and use the cattle owned by the church?

Normally the answer is NO. ALL activities involving cattle is strictly controlled by the Arena Team and must be coordinated.

Does the church have Arena Activities that require a release form for people who do not ride?

Yes. There are activities from time to time that require a signed WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY for non-riders such as mutton busting, steer saddling, double mugging etc.

 Does the church have riding available for people who do not own a horse?

PCCC does not own any horses. Any riding made available to non-horse owners requires a signed WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY and horse use is strictly controlled by the horse owner.

Can I use the church arena to conduct my “Training” business? 

No. The church arena is used for our Outreach Ministry and for the recreational use of church members and guests. Use of church facilities is NOT allowed for personal gain such as a business of horse training and/or riding lessons. This is not intended to restrict a member from bringing a friend out to teach to ride; it is intended to prevent that activity for profit.