Children’s Church

Children’s Church

Mission Statement: To guide children to learn, believe, accept and share God’s Word.

PCCC’s Children’s Church is designed for children to learn on their level and in an atmosphere suitable for their specific age groups. Our classes are divided into three age groups.

Nursery – newborns through three years of age
Children four and five years of age
Children in first through sixth grades

Children’s Church is held in conjunction with our regular Sunday Service at 10 am. Sunday mornings our children are taught using structured Bible lessons and reinforced with games, crafts and activities.

Every Wednesday evening Bible study is provided for 4 and 5 year olds and for children in the first through sixth grades.

The program is headed by Jennifer Crites and is run by a devoted group of volunteer men and women. If you feel led to serve in this important ministry, please contact Jennifer Crites.

Comments from PCCC parents:

“This Sunday School is amazing! At 2-1/2 my daughter is singing, ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ and she sings it all day long! Kids are like sponges. They soak up the messages. This is a beautiful place for kids to understand the Love of God.”

“The children’s program here is meeting such an important need. Our hearts are so warmed to hear our children expressing their love for God and Jesus from their Sunday School lessons. We are excited and moved to be hearing the same simple lessons from the Bible that we learned as kids.”

“This program is planting seeds in the minds of our children. Seeds of love and understanding about what it means to live the life of a Christian. Our children will be nurtured by these experiences.”

“The wonderful volunteers in this program are truly gifts to our children, our families and our church.”


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