Sermons by Louis Sneed

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Midweek Message 06-17-2020

Midweek Message ~ June 17, 2020  Most everyone knows this coming Sunday is designated as the day to honor our Dad’s.  Father’s Day is a time to say thank you to our Dad’s, but it is also a time for all men to take a look at their lives and ask themselves this question.  “Am I the…

midweek message

Midweek Message 06/10/2020

Midweek Message ~ June 10, 2020 My message for this week is about sacrifice.  I’m not sure if I have ever really sacrificed much in my life, so it is a little difficult to teach what it means from a personal point of view.  I can look at other’s lives and see true sacrifice.  The dictionary…

midweek message

Midweek Message 06/03/2020

Midweek Message ~ June 3, 2020  Somebody said, “A man can lose everything chasing nothing.” The gospel of Mark records the words of Jesus when He said, “What does it profit or benefit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? ” Losing your soul doesn’t mean it can’t be found,…

midweek message

Midweek Message ~ 05-27-2020

Midweek Message ~ May 27th, 2020 During the time Jesus walked on this earth with his disciples, he kept telling them that He was going away but that He would return one day.  In Matthew 24, Jesus says no one knows the day or time of His return, but that we are to keep watch.  What…

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Midweek Message ~ 05-20-2020

Have you heard the saying,  ” When the going gets tough,  the tough get going.”  The quote is usually attributed to a football coach who coined the phrase in the early 1950’s.   What he was trying to say to the team was,  when you are down by 4 touchdowns in the fourth quarter and  you…

midweek message

Midweek Message ~ 05-13-2020

Midweek Message ~ May 13th, 2020 Yesterday, I was asking the Lord what message He wanted me to give this coming Sunday as we gather back together after two months of being separated.  I opened my NLT Bible and began to read out of the Old Testament in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 12 which…

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