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Midweek Message 02-12-2020

Midweek Message ~ February 12th, 2020

Kris Wilson, Christian, Cowboy, and author of the devotional book for cowboys called “I’ll Drop You Off ”  went to his home in heaven back in 2016. Kris was 38 and fought a long battle with kidney cancer.  He left behind his wife and two children. 

Day 33 [chapter 33] of his book  is entitled, “Six Things That Really Matter.”  This made me think about what really matters to me.   So I want to ask you the question,  What really matters to you?  Give this some thought and then make a list. 

I am tempted to list what “should really matter,” but if I am honest,  sometimes the things that should matter the most to me  get pushed behind less important things.   Listen to this Bible verse Kris shared in Matthew 6:33.  Jesus is teaching the crowds of people that follow Him.  He says, “Seek first the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously, and God will give you everything you need.”  In another verse Jesus says, ” If anyone wants to follow Me,   you must turn from your selfish way, [deny self], take up your cross and follow me.”  [Mark 8:34].   

So here is another question for us,  is following Jesus’ teachings and following His example at the top of our list of What Really Matters to us?  I hope it is. 

God bless you all and “Keep Spurring.”   


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