midweek message

Midweek Message 5-9-2018

This Sunday is the day that has been set aside for us to recognize our Mothers and what they mean to us.  It is a time to remember the sacrifices they made for us with their time and energy.  It is a day of tribute for those Mothers who taught their children God’s Word and what it means to give our lives to Him.  The writer of Proverbs in the 31st chapter says that the children of a Godly Mother will rise and call her blessed and her husband will praise her.    Verse 31 says that we will give her the reward that she has earned.  Call your Mother or go see her and tell her thank you for all she has done for you.  If your Mother is no longer living take some time to thank God for what she meant to you and remember the blessings you received because she loved you.  Charles Spurgeon was a preacher who lived in the 1800’s.  He tells how his Mother would gather the children around her and read the Bible to them.  He tells how she would plead with them to seek God.  Spurgeon said,  ” No man can estimate what he owes to a Godly Mother.”  My prayer today is a prayer of thanks for my Mother who emptied her life to raise me , my brother and my four sisters and who pointed us to God and to His Son, Jesus.  Thank you Mother for all the sacrifices you made for us.  God bless you all,  see you Sunday and “Keep Spurring.”   Louis

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