Midweek Message 9-4-2019

A well known pastor, Charles Stanley, preached a message he titled: “Taking The Plunge.”  It’s a message on Baptism.  I believe baptism is our personal testimony of our faith in Jesus, it is our belief that He died for us and was raised to life so we could have forgiveness of our sins and have new life in a relationship with God and with Jesus.  I believe baptism is a sign of obedience.  When Peter was preaching to a crowd in Jerusalem, it says their hearts were pierced and they ask what they should  do?  Peter said, ” repent of your sins,  turn to God and be baptized.” It says that they believed what he said and were baptized. (Acts 2: 36-41)  Sunday is going to be a special day at PCCC.  I will bring a message from Acts 8: 26-39.  It tells of Peter and his encounter with a man from Ethiopia who believes and is baptized in a pool of water beside the road. Sunday is more special because we will baptize some folks who have invited Jesus into their lives. 

Hope you’ll come join us.  God bless and remember to ” Keep Spurring each other on.”  Louis

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