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MIDWEEK MESSAGE ~ April 13, 2022

Last weekend I traveled to Fort Davis to officiate the wedding of Molly Spitler and Sam Dodge.  It was a good relaxing weekend that ended in a great way.  I got to baptize Molly, Sam and his mother, Elaine and gave them one of our cowboy Bibles.  We had a good many friends and family that had stayed over to Sunday so before the baptism, I shared with them the account of John baptizing many of the crowd that had been following him.  In Luke 3: 8 John told them to prove by the way they lived that they had repented of their sins.
In verse 10 they begin to ask John what they should do to show repentance and change of heart.   He said if you have two shirts give one to the poor or if you have food share it with those who are hungry.   He was teaching Generosity.   
Tax collectors asked what they should do.  He told them to quit collecting more tax than was required.  They had been collecting more and keeping the excess for themselves.  He was teaching them Honesty.
Then soldiers asked what they should do and he told them to be content with their pay.  It reminded me of Paul when he said he had learned to be content in whatever state he found himself , whether he had much or if he had little.  John was teaching them to be Content in their situation.  He was teaching God’s provision.
We can learn a good lesson from John as well.  Be Generous, be Honest and learn to be Content.  When we practice these things in our lives, we are becoming that new creation that Paul talks about.
God Bless and “Keep Spurring.”     


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