midweek message

Midweek Message ~ December 16th, 2020

 As I write this message, it is 10 days before Christmas day.  I wonder  how many of us think of Christmas as a holiday or a Holy Da

Our modern Christmas is nothing like the first one.  Can I remind us that  the first Christmas had nothing to do with lights on houses, elaborate trees decorated with ornaments, with boxes underneath holding things we will return for something we like better.  Christmas for Mary and Joseph would be a 90 mile journey on foot from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Can you imagine Mary traveling that far in her ninth month of pregnancy? They get to Bethlehem and they can’t find a room, so they stay where the animals are stalled . I believe this was God’s plan.  The birth of Jesus was an unassuming birth.  There was no fanfare.  It was such a simple birth,  but Jesus’ birth was the beginning of God’s plan to change the world.  Read their story in Matthew and Luke and try to put yourself there. Let their story help make the 25th a Holy day.  She was just a teenage girl willing to be obedient.  He was a carpenter who took Mary to be his wife just like the Lord commanded.  It’s a great story, but it’s more than a story.  It was an event that God will use to change lives.  Let it change yours.   

God bless. 


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