midweek message

Midweek Message ~ December 23rd, 2020

Billy Graham who was so well known world wide for his life and his crusades said, ” Every day I turn to the Bible to give me strength and wisdom for the day and Hope for the future.  It’s words have seen me through good times and bad.”   We all need hope for today and for the future.  Without hope we become discouraged  and defeated.  Peter wrote in his first letter to fellow Christians that because of God’s great mercy and because He raised Jesus from the dead we can live with great Hope.  Someone wrote that we need hope like fish need water to live just as we need air to live. I know this has been a tough year.  It has been harder for some more than others.  You may be struggling to have hope that life will ever get better.  You may wonder how it is possible to find joy and peace and Hope in troubled times.  When Paul wrote his letter to the Christians in Rome, he told them he was praying for them that the God of Hope would fill them with joy and peace as they put their trust in Him.  Then he said that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can overflow with confident Hope.   I think the message for us is that it is God who gives us Hope in the midst of our trials and troubles as we trust Him.  So be encouraged, “You’ll get through this.  It may not be painless, it may not be quick, but with God’s help you’ll get through this.”  God bless you all and “Keep Spurring each other on.”   Louis

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