midweek message

Midweek Message ~ January 13th, 2021

I have a question for us to consider.  Does peace and calm always follow obedience?  Last Sunday my message was about Jesus feeding the 5000 with just 5 loaves and 2 fish. The purpose of His miracles was to meet a need but also to help convince them He was the Son of God.   Even though the crowd saw and benefited from this miracle, Jesus says they only followed Him so they could see the miracles.  When everyone is fed,  Mark records in his gospel that Jesus tells the disciples to get into their boat and he will meet them on the other side of the lake.  They do what He tells them.  They get in the boat & start rowing. Jesus goes off to be alone and pray. 

 My question again, does peace & calm always follow obedience?  The disciples did what Jesus told them.  They started across the lake  and a strong wind came up.  They had rowed for several hours without reaching the other side.  There was no peace and calm for them,  but Jesus comes up to the boat walking on the water.  He gets in the boat and the winds stop and there is calm.   What is the lesson for us?  Even when we are obedient,  test & trials will come in our lives that will test our faith.  Jesus said in John 16:33 that in this world we will have trouble, [trials & sorrows]  but we are to take heart because He has overcome the world.  Jesus is our source of peace & calm.  Don’t let the storms of life steal that from you. 

God bless and “Keep Spurring.”   


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