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Midweek Message ~ June 16th, 2021

Midweek Message ~ June 16, 2021
 How would you define faith?   Is it believing God when we can’t see what is around the bend?  Is it trusting God one day at a time?  Is it believing God’s plan for my life is better than my plan?   Our faith is revealed when I accept the uncertainties of life believing God will see us through.

Abraham of the Old Testament gives us  examples of faith.  God tells him to leave his father’s family and his home and travel to a place he will show him.  Even though he doesn’t know where he will end up,  he sets out in obedience.  That took faith.

Abraham’s faith was tested to the limit when God told him to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. He is prepared to obey.  He takes wood for a fire and his knife and sets out with Isaac.  When Isaac ask his father where the sacrifice was, Abraham says that God will provide.  God does provide.  They look and see a ram caught in a bush.  

It is hard for us to understand why God would test  Abraham’s faith this way. I would have failed this test.  How did Abraham pass this faith test?   The writer of Hebrews says in Chapter 11 verse 19. “Abraham reasoned [believed] that  God was able to bring Isaac back to life.”  

When our faith gets tested,  remember the words of Jesus.  With God nothing is impossible.  He will provide.  He will see us through.

God bless and ” Keep Spurring.”   


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