midweek message

Midweek Message ~ September 16th, 2020

 The Bible lets us know that even the most faithful and  Godly men of the Bible had flaws.  Genesis Chapter 12 reveals the faith that Abram had when God told him to leave his home and his father’s family and go to a place He would show him.  Because of his faith, it says Abram departed as the Lord had instructed him.  At each place Abram stopped, he would build an altar and worship God.   A severe famine comes and Abram takes his family to Egypt.  It is here we see Abram’s flaw.  Because his wife Sarai is so beautiful, Abram thinks they will kill him and take her so he tells her to lie and tell them that she is his sister.  She does what he says and the Pharaoh takes her as his wife.  In exchange the Pharaoh gives Abram great gifts of livestock and servants.  It doesn’t take long before Pharaoh figures out the lie and he tells Abram to take Sarai and leave.  They set out and finally arrive back at the place where he had built an altar and worshiped God.  It is there that the Bible says he worshiped God again

Do you see what has happened?  We see Abram’s faith then we see his flaw and then we see him turn back to God in faith.  This could easily be our story of faith and flaws. 

Thank God for being faithful to forgive us when we get off track and then return to worship Him. 

God Bless you all and “Keep Spurring.”   See you Sunday. 


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