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Howdy and welcome! If you like the cowboy way, country gospel music and bluegrass music, simple sermons, or you’re just looking for a relaxed atmosphere, come worship with us as we see God heal hearts and change lives.

See you Sunday!

God Bless, –Louis



Pastor’s Midweek Message 7/27/2016

I have been fascinated this week in reading more about the life of Peter, one of Jesus 12 disciples. When you read the list of disciples in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Acts, Peter is always listed first. When Jesus takes aside three of His most trusted disciples, Peter is always one of them. Peter’s given […]


Pastor’s Midweek Message 7-20-2016

PASTOR’S MIDWEEK MESSAGE There is a book that is entitled Twelve Ordinary Men. It is about the twelve disciples (followers) of Jesus. Peter was one of the twelve. In one way Peter was ordinary because he was a fisherman by trade. That might have been the only ordinary thing about him. We know he often […]


First Wednesday Roundup–August 2

Join the PCCC church family Wednesday night, August 3, for First Wednesday Roundup. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm, and the message is at 7. Our speaker will be Gayla Gideon, who will share God’s word and her testimony.  Bring a dessert, if you like.


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