PCCC is an  interdenominational church that teaches the truths of God’s Word, the  Bible.  We believe in a relationship with Jesus,  not religion.   Our Church is full of friendly, down-to-earth people who are just seeking to  live a life that pleases God.  We welcome everyone who is looking for a  place of  hope and God’s forgiveness.

Parker County Cowboy Church’s Mission Statement:
We welcome all people to come hear God’s word.  Our primary mission is to reach the unchurched and those without Christ.  We all have a past and God can give us all a future.

Parker County Cowboy Church welcomes everyone to worship with us:
We believe in simplicity—we worship in a simple structure and we have a simple service filled with joyful music, scripture, lots of love and a heart-felt message.

We welcome all people no matter their past.

We dress casually and comfortably, just like we do every day:  jeans and cowboy boots.  If you have a cowboy hat, wear it.  For fun, we count cowboy hats every Sunday.

We do not have an altar call and we don’t pass an offering plate.

We apply our Sunday service to real-life, practical experience.  Sunday is one day a week, but at our service, we express beliefs that people can live every hour, every day, everywhere, with everyone.